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  • Legislative Tracking – A good lobbyist protects your interests by keeping his or her ear to the ground regarding the law or new administrative rules that may impact your company or interest group. The lobbying company you hire needs the connections and technological tools to get wind of new laws and analyze them to determine whether they will benefit or negatively impact your interests. It’s also important to keep a watch on new laws and regulations as they go through legislative and administrative processes because what begins as an innocuous or favorable new law or rule can become a detriment to your interests in the blink of an eye.

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  • Funding Expertise – Interested in securing government grants or business relationships with government entities, with practical advice and help. We help businesses and organizations seeking grant funding to craft their proposals to fall in line with government requirements and preferences for grantees. About government contracts, we help you play up features of your business that might appeal to government priorities, such as having a woman-owned status or disability-friendly workplace.

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  • Strategic Communication – We do more than just scheduling a few meetings and making a few presentations. CAC helps you with the consistent and coherent message for both internal and external use.  We work with your organization’s stakeholders to craft a message and deliver it to those who need to hear it—within your organization and outside it.

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  • Grassroots Organizing – There’s a limit to how many campaign contributions you can make and their effectiveness.  A well-organized grassroots effort to show up at town hall meetings and regulatory agencies’ public hearings and swamp offices with phone calls, and even petition efforts can make a significant impact on legislative and administrative decisions if well executed. Using networks built over 20 years in cross-sectional industries we can help you organize a legion of active and enthusiastic citizens to support your cause via traditional means and the new ways of influencing decision-makers offered by social media.

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